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Whether you are buying or selling property here on the Big Island, you will inevitably cross paths, in varying degrees, with numerous different real estate businesses – each providing specialized services key to a successful real estate transaction.


Throughout West Hawaii, there is an abundance of top-notch real estate professionals within the industry. Some of the world’s most sophisticated residential developments have been built on the Big Island. That, combined with Hawaii’s highly desirable real estate market has fostered a diverse pool of talented real estate resources that everyone can benefit from.


Below, you will find a useful directory containing many businesses providing real estate services in Kona that you may need help with at some point. This is an evolving list – so be sure to reference back occasionally.

Land for sale in Kona, Hawaii

The level of real estate expertise found on the Big Island is astonishing. There is some serious brain-power at work here. From a distance, it might not be all that obvious, but once you are on the inside, contributing to the process and seeing the cogs turning firsthand - it is truly inspiring!

- Penn

Real Estate Services Directory

  • Pest & Termite Companies in Kona

    Akamai Pest Solutions
    (808) 937-5051 | Email

    Aloha Pest Solutions
    (808) 964-3100

    Bowman Termite & Pest Management
    (808) 329-3215 | Email

    Hawaii Fumigation
    (808) 326-7117 | Email

    Kona Coast Pest Control
    (808) 334-1900 | Email

    Mason Termite & Pest Control
    (808) 557-3333 | Email

    Smart Pest Prevention
    (808) 887-6278

    (808) 484-4738

    Veteran Termite
    (808) 327-3313 | Email

  • Home Inspectors in Kona
  • Land Surveyors in Kona

    Pattison Land Surveying
    (808) 327-9439 | Email

    Wes Thomas Associates
    (808) 329-2353 | Email

  • Architects in Kona

    Hawaii Design Group
    (808) 326-7670

    Geesey Architects LLC
    (808) 756-5244

    H & S International
    (808) 329-3266

    Keith A Winnie Architects Inc
    (808) 756-7300

    Ali’i Architects Inc
    (808) 329-8777

    Bryan Lindsey, Architect
    (808) 333-6853

    Weigang/Marvick & Associates
    (808) 329-3755

    Paul Bleck Ltd
    (808) 326-1598

    Terrance J. Cisco, Architect
    (808) 937-8953

  • Home Builders in Kona

    Coming Soon

  • Mortgage Lenders in Kona

    Coming Soon

  • Title Companies in Kona
  • Interior Designers in Kona

    Perino Designs
    (808) 325-5919

    Waters Designs
    (808) 987-7166

    Carol Ann LLC
    (808) 327-0088

    Jeanne Marie Imports
    (808) 329-4818

    Henderson Design Group
    (808) 315-8782

    Willman Interiors
    (808) 887-1719

    Fine Design Interiors, Inc.
    (808) 885-8992

    Trans-Pacific Design
    (808) 885-5587

    Peggy Chesnut & Co Inc
    (808) 322-7878

  • Real Estate Appraisers in Kona

    Big Island Inspections Services
    (808) 324-0722

    Franz Appraisals
    (808) 326-1901

    GP & Associates Inc.
    (808) 329-5050

    Hawaii Appraisal Group
    (808) 217-2501

    Kona Appraisal Service
    (808) 557-1013

    Hawaii Appraisal Group
    (808) 217-2501

  • Real Estate Attorneys in Kona

    Jung & Vassar
    (808) 326-4852

    Carlsmith Ball LLP
    (808) 329-6464

    Kona Law: Fagundes III Joseph
    (808) 326-9831

    Stephen D. Whittaker, Aal, LLC
    (808) 960-4536'

    Jewell & Krueger LLC
    (808) 326-7654

  • Insurance Companies in Kona
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